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Intensive summer courses

in Thalwil and Zug

Have your plans for a language stay abroad this summer been ruined?

Our intensive language courses during the summer holidays are the ideal solution. Book now in Thalwil or Zug!

Has the pandemic put an end to your dream of a language stay abroad for the time being? Did you intend to improve your knowledge of a foreign language abroad this summer? We cannot replace the experience of travel and living in another country but we can offer you a cost-effective alternative in the form of our summer intensive courses. In just two weeks you can learn as much as you would in 18 weeks‘ attendance of an evening course. Our experienced language teachers in Thalwil and Zug are looking forward to teaching you!

Kontaktieren Sie uns, wir unterstützen Sie bei der Wahl des Sprachkurses und freuen uns auf einen spannenden Sommer mit Ihnen.

Image Basel
Nauenstrasse 63, 4052 Basel
Image Thalwil
Gotthardstrasse 18, 8800 Thalwil
Image Zug
Baarerstrasse 63, 6300 Zug